Lapicientos, pencil holder

I love this one. It’s the first hack I’ve seen on the Ikea pencil. A pencil holder from pencils!

“We are 2creativo, a graphic and industrial design studio from Barcelona, Spain.

We have an old hack we made 6 years ago, as we had to visit Ikea several times. It all came because we started collecting lots of pencils they give for free in Ikea, as we thought it was great to have a free material. And we said: we have to think what we could make new out of them.

One day, we got the idea to create a pencil holder made out of pencils. We attach you the final image and how we made it (extremely easy!).

It’s name is “lapicientos”, a play on words in Spanish: lapicero (pencil holder) + lapiz (pencil) + cientos (hundreds).”