Bedside lamp and shelf

Bo salvage a ceiling lamp and converts it into a bedside lamp.

“I had this old ceiling lamp that I don’t remember the official Ikea name for and I think its been discontinued. And my bedside shelf didnt have any nice place for a lamp but i liked the dome shape of that ceiling lamp. Problem was if you looked at it from any other angle than it was supposed to be looked at – from below ….

It just wasn’t as domey and cool, all of the innards were exposed. So I cut a large hole and put a small plank in one of the shelves to recess the lamp fitting. Replaced the cable with one that had a switch. Painted it matte black to match my Hopen bed. And job done.

There’s also an air ioniser with a fan in the back of the shelf near the base wich is made from left over stuff. But that’s another story.”