Ikea ad campaign

Since we are on the subject of thesis, here’s another one from Carmen, a recent graduate from the Ontario College of Art & Design Advertising programme. For her project, she whipped up a repurposing catalogue and some cheeky ads too. Now, why didn’t I have so much fun at school?

She says, “For my final thesis project, I did a made up advertising campaign about repurposing and Ikea was my client. During my public grad show, and many portfolio interviews, everyone told me I should do something with it. So I figured, why not ikeahacker.

My campaign does not necessary uses Ikea products, but it promotes repurposing, by having a repurposing workshop in the Ikea stores, and a show room showcasing those repurposed projects. After a ton of research and surveys, Ikea is actually a really sustainable company, and sadly not a lot of people know that. By having this campaign/thesis It allows people to be aware of Ikea products and their part of being sustainable.”

See more of Carmen’s Ikea repurposing campaign – thesis project

Jules Yap