Ikea snow boots

The blue bag halter dress must have inspired some to put the scissors to the hardy bag. Here’s a raincoat featured on the Ikeahacks group on Instructables. (We have some amazing projects there, don’t forget to check it out.) And now, we have snow boots!

Megan faced over two feet of snow in Pittsburgh and no snow boots for Superboy. That’s when Ikea hacking creativity kicked in. The boots are not what you’ll wear on a regular basis but for the little emergency, it did the trick.

“Unfortunately, my son’s snow boots and pants were left at his nursery school.  My husband created waterproof snow boots/leggings out of an ikea bag and packing tape.  The key was using the bottom corner of the bag for the toe (these are over my son’s sneakers) then wrapping around his legs and securing with tape.”

Jules Yap