A recessed Bertby display cabinet

Rebecca hacks her version of the recessed Bertby display cabinet.

“We moved to a condo with limited space and we needed a display cabinet for some of our collections. We already bought a Detolf  from Ikea but the problem is it has only 4 shelves, which is good for some of our larger pieces. We need a shallower cabinet with more selves for smaller items. We came across the Bertby DVD/CD cabinet and it seems perfect for our purpose. Inspired by another project from Ikeahacker, we cut a hole in the wall and mounted the Bertby recessed in between the studs to save more floor space.

Instead of using the Ikea furnished installation hardware, we secured the cabinet from the side to the studs by using screws. We added lights at both the top and the bottom so our display can shine. As seen in the top picture, it sits now nicely in the hallway. The width of the “Bertby” is 7.5″ and with it recessed in the wall, it protrudes only 3.0″, giving it a custom look. The second picture shows how slim it looks and with the “Detolf” close by, they really complement each other well. We are very happy with the results.”