Expedit Wine Rack

Any expedit, spare expedit shelves (or just any other wooden shelves), saw, paint

Description: As I wanted a wine rack, but had no place left to put one, my eye turned to the Expedit I had in use as a room divider. Noticing how it might accommodate four bottles in a # design, I set out to make an Expedit style wine rack.

Really all you need is four shelves, a saw, and some patience. Spare Expedit shelves will do great, since they’re already in a matching color and of the right
size*, but any shelves will do.

Saw two slots into each shelf at exactly 1/3 and 2/3 of the width (see schematic). Paint the shelves as required, then slide them together and insert into Expedit. That’s all!

* actually, if you go with Expedit shelves, have a mind to take out the saw and make them square, instead of rectangular. I didn’t realize at the time that the Expedit “squares” are not cubes – their depth is greater than height and width. Using square shelves will leave you with about 3 inches of extra storage space behind the bottles, and the shelves will still be longer than any wine bottle you’ll put in.

~ Joost, The Netherlands