A little Trofast experiment

Tobias experiments with an alternative to the Trofast frame. The original is made from solid pine but this could be just a sturdy (since Tobias can stand on top of it). If need some thing cheap to go with the tubs, which cost only $2 – $5, this may fit your budget.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the Trofast plastic tub/drawers, but the $50 – $90 cabinets seemed a bit overpriced. So I knocked together a simple frame out of 1 x 12 to hold some of the drawers.

Instead of routing out tracks for the drawers to slide on like Ikea does (a nice design, but I don’t have a router), I cut strips of 1 x 2, which also reinforce the corners of the open frame. It’s screwed and glued with Gorilla glue, and I can stand on top of it. Total cost of lumber, drawers, fasteners and glue was less than $20.”