Customizing Expedit storage boxes

Materials: EXPEDIT shelves + DRONA box

Description: This is just a small hack but was useful for our newly painted room – sage green.

In the room we have a single 4 box Expedit shelf in a very small space. I had bought Drona boxes to go with the shelves but they come in limited colours which looked awful with our green room so I just grabbed some fabric (happens to be Ikea fabric) and fixed my small but irksome problem.

Simply take fabric that works with your room/space/colours and measure a square just slightly bigger than the front of the Drona box. (1/2 inch should do)

Fold down the edges and iron a crisp fold (ensure you have made it narrow enough to tuck under the handle/flap of the Drona, but wide enough to cover the front of the box.

I used a glue gun and just glued all around the edges of the fabric and stuck it down.

I started on the top/flap end and put the glue on the box, under the flap and then slid the fabric under the flap (using a spatula or cake knife to get it under smoothly and press the fabric onto the glue.

It’s a small thing but the room looks so much better having something that looks coordinated with the room. Everyone surprised to learn its all Ikea.

~ Meredith, Luxembourg

Jules Yap