Doodle on my time

Oops, broke Father Time’s face? Just replace the Rusch clock face with an art piece. In Claudia’s case, a piece of doodle by her kid, Topastro. Her kid’s not quite Picasso yet but give him some time (no pun intended) and you’ll never know. Anyways, you get the idea and the possibilites here are endless.

Time is well again

See how to personalise your Rusch clock here. (Italian) Google translation here.

Admittedly, the Rusch clock is not one of Ikea’s prettier products (I think it’s been yanked from the production line). But there are so many ways to give Time a new face. Check out these Rusch hacks:
Laura’s loteria clock
A photoframe clock
Time bomb clock
Rusch clock’s new face
International analog clock