From rugs to runners

I like the clean simplicity of Clara’s hack – a long runner from Ikea rugs (which reminds me that I need one for my entryway) and little patchwork accents completes the look.

The rugs in question is the Signe, which goes for only $2.99 each. Three of these would set you back less than a meal in town, and they lasts longer. Ok, now to the hack. The ends, right before the knots, were first soaked in Fabric Mod Podge. When dried, Clara ran them twice through the overcast machine. “The first,” she says, “to serge the edge and to cut just enough to get all three rugs to fit in the space. The second time, without the cutter, was to catch any stray threads.”

See Clara’s instructions for her rugs to runner.

Jules Yap