Ikea Kitchen Squad ready to shock and awe

If you know people with a dingy kitchen you may want to let loose the Ikea kitchen squad on them. Ikea Kitchen Squad is a TV show in the UK featuring an undercover group of designers, planners, service experts and installers who fly in to save the day for teary and weary homeowners.

Previously they have already helped three kitchens in crisis, by creating cool Ikea kitchens tailored to their needs and family requirements. Now they want to do the same for Colleen whose dingy kitchen with doors hanging off and an overheating oven is just too small for the family to sit around in together and enjoy an evening meal. 

Colleen’s kitchen Ikea-Kitchen-Squadified

The one they killed

I’m not sure when it’ll air and I won’t be able to catch it (it being on UK TV and all). But if you do, let me know how it when. Check out the trailer.

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