Time to tweet

Valery is an illustrator who does a really sweet work on the Piro wall clock.

“Basically, I purchased the PIRO wall clock from Ikea since I really liked its design. Also, since the frame is made out of wood, I thought it would be easy to tint or paint to personalize the product even more.

Once unmounted, I spray glued my illustration right on the top of the numbers, let it dry and there you go! A nice illustrative wall clock to display my illustration work.

I actually tried this with many Ikea wall clocks before but it was really hard to disassemble them without breaking anything. I hope you will enjoy this hack.”

If you love it, her clocks are available for purchase here. Or simply visit her website.


Do you tweet?
Talking about tweeting, I’ve never been really big on Twitter, though I created a personal account some years ago.

But if you like to be updated on Ikeahacker via Twitter, you can connect with me @ikeahacks. You’ll get the latest blog posts whenever there is an update and maybe, just maybe, some tweets about what I am having for lunch. Hmm. Maybe not.