Jewelry display tray

Materials: Ribba Frame, Polarvide blanket

Description: My girlfriend keeps on leaving her jewelry on top of our new (and rather expensive :/ ) white lacked piece of furniture. It was time to build a solution to avoid scratches and display jewelry in style. My idea, her perfect execution!

TOTAL cost of the hack: 16 Eur
TIME required: 15 min (at most!)
ITEMS required:

1x RIBBA Picture Frame. There are several sizes and styles, choose the one that fits you best
1x POLARVIDE blanket. Again, there are different sizes.
8x STABILT rubber feet. I think you can get them on IKEA, but this ones are from a hardware store


1- Open the picture frame and use the back board to measure the amount of blanket required.

2- Cut a single piece of blanket 2 cm bigger than the back board of the picture frame.

3- Wrap the back of the picture frame with the piece of the blanket and close the frame.

4- Stick some rubber feet so the tray doesn’t scratch the surface of your furniture and doesn’t slide.

5- Put your day to day jewelry / watches / coins on top and enjoy.

~ pep0, Berlin