Overweight Ribba hacked into feathery lamp

Materials: Ribba Frame, Fjällsta Picture, Dioder LED Stripes, some glue

Description: My Boyfriend and I are moving in our first apartment, we want it to be perfect and he was very frustrated when it turns out, that the Ribba frame was too heavy for our bedroom wall. To explain that: it’s a solid wall, we couldn’t drill a hole in, so we tried “glue-on” hooks to hang the frame. Well, it looked great. But 2 minutes later the hole frame crashed down, totally broken.

My Boyfriend is kind of an LED-fanboy so when we were at our local Ikea Store the next day, I bought a second Ribba frame and the Dioder LED lights.

I simply removed the glass, put the Passe-partout in front where the glass usually is, glued the Dioder stripes on the Passe-partout and glued the picture to the back board of the frame. Luckily the back board has a little corner cut out, to make it easier to remove it – that’s where the cables go through.

After I’m done, the Ribba weighs less than half of what it used to with the glass, it’s hung up on our bedroom wall (right in front of our “still in progress” Stolmen bed hack) and will (hopefully) not fall down again.

I’m happy to have my desired picture right where I wanted it and my Boyfriend is happy to have one more LED lamp in our apartment.

~ Anna, Vienna