Modern work desk

Materials: Numerar Countertop Double Sided & Vika Moliden Legs

Description: I needed a really wide work station that would let me put up all my music production equipment but also look great while it was all put away.

I found a similar desk for 2800 dollars and decided that it was way too much and I could build something better.

I found an kitchen counter top that matched my mac and found the legs. I built the frame to match the counter top.

The frame is red wood 2x4s stained ebony. The redwood is very strong and sturdy.

Having the frame also allows me to drill into it without having to drill into the actual counter top (it’s reversible)

I’ve been too busy to finish the set up. Once it’s done the monitor will be up on the wall. All the wires on the desk run through the back. It appears to be wireless. My sound card and external hard drives are drilled into the frame. and my midi keyboard and trigger pad will also be able to be put away underneath.

Excuse my horrible concept sketch. That’s why I make music instead haha.

~ Mauricio from MOD & OP, San Diego, CA