Rusty room divider

Materials: Expedit 2×4, Expedit 4×4

Description: It all started with placing two Expedit units on top of each other; I ended up with something very colourful. There are way too many stages in this project to explain it all in 5 pictures. If you’d like to see more, go here.

1. As I wanted to separate my dining table from my office I fixed two Expedit units on top of each other, with on the wallside a small storing space (for long objects).

2. Even though it was very functional, it still looked very much like, well.. two stacked Expedit units. And I wanted something a bit more groovy. Also, I wanted to separate my office/work room a bit more.

3. Adhesive plastic foil was used to stick on the insides of the compartments: yellow, orange, blue and black, in a semi-random fashion.

4. From 2 large sheets of 4mm MDF new fronts were made, covering more compartments on the side of the dinner table, so I could use them for office stuff without exposing it in the living room.

5. More MDF parts were attached to it, creating a doorway on the right, and a large mirror on top, right under the ceiling.

6. The sides of the expedit unit were covered in black adhesive plastic foil.

7. The fronts were treated with a paint that has iron particles. After that a couple of layers of acid (ferrochloride) were applayed to make the iron rust very fast (within a couple of days). The rusty metal gives it sort of an industrial feel.

8. There are 4 “tv shaped” compartments with a removable panel, which fit exactly an LP record cover, so I can make some changes to it every now and then.

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~ Bram D., Netherlands