EXPEDIT – kitchen storage

Materials: Expedit, door hinges, black MDF, plywood (pine tree)

Description: As we like a very “open” style of kitchen where you can see at the end all the stuff that is part of this room we decided to buy an Expedit to store our plates and glasses etc..

But after assembling the rack and putting in all the cups and plates and so on I was not that satisfied with the result and the kind of “chaos” I saw.
I had the wish to hide some nasty pieces!
So I decided to close parts of the rack. First I thought of sliding panels. But then I decided for the simple solution: Just closing some shelves with doors and hinges.

The result and the advantages:

– several closed shelves make the look of the open rack a bit more calm and gives him a ordered structure

– using different materials makes the simple, white expedit-style very unique

– the applied arbitrary materials may be in accordance to those already used in your housing (as it was in our case the black MDF and the pine wood)

So the result is a simple but convenient compromise of open style and sorted parts.

Caution: it is necessary to fix the doors at the vertical inner/middle elements. Only these are made of strong material to carry the weight of the doors, the outer thick frame isn’t.

~ K. Klose