Hol cat food station

Materials: Hol storage cube (small)

Description: When our 8 month old baby got mobile, crawling to and playing with the cats’ food and water became his favorite target. As he sat, soaking wet among an entire bowl of dispersed cat food, the orange-dyed drool sliding down his chin, I knew something had to be done. Inspired by the Hol cat litter boxes on ikeahacker, I thought I could do something for the other end of the digestive tract. Hol, to the rescue.

I measured the opening to the cats’ litter box to make sure they could get through; cut out a hole on one side of the Hol’s lattice, and sanded the edges. Super easy, and the wood is thin enough that it wasn’t much effort.

After I took this picture, I put down some plastic placemats to protect the thin board of Hol’s base from water splashed by messy drinkers.

Now, we are ALL much happier – cats eat undisturbed, Baby doesn’t really notice there’s anything fun in that boring wood box, and I don’t have to clean up cat food strewn all over my kitchen.

~ K. Ek, Virginia