Hide a cat litter box in a MALM chest of drawers

Smart way to keep cat litter in a chest, out of sight.

Our house is tight on storage, and we’ve got a baby on the way. To make room in the nursery without sacrificing precious drawer space, we moved our MALM dresser (which we used to store linens and towels) into the hallway.

Because the dresser usurped the spot we normally reserve for our cat’s litter box, my husband built this very clever hack.

IKEA items used:

Cat litter in MALM chest

He decided to put the litter pan and mat into the bottom drawer of the dresser. So, he used a jigsaw to cut a hole in the side of the dresser so our cat could climb in.

cat litter MALM chest

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Lastly, he gave the whole thing a professional finish by cutting, spray-painting, and installing black trim around the cat door.

cat litter MALM chest

He also removed the base of the second drawer from the bottom of the dresser so our cat has enough space to maneuver. He attached the front of the drawer directly to the dresser frame to maintain a seamless look.

I really love how our cat litter chest turned out! Makes me feel so smart that we thought of it, and he did SUCH a nice job.

cat litter MALM chest

P.S. This isn’t an IKEA hack, but it could be. Earlier this year I decided to hide our giant tub of litter by hiding it under a faux plant. The potted plant pictured above is actually hiding an XL tub of Fresh Step!)

~ by Elizabeth 

Jules Yap