Korean guitar pedalboard

DSCN1477 785613
DSCN1477 785613

Materials: Ikea Gorm shelves and planks, velcro, screws, brackets…

Description: I took the IKEA Gorm shelves and made a pedal boardir?t=ikeahacker 20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B000VBC5CY from them for guitar effects pedals.

1.) Buy the following masterials:

3 Gorm shelves
1 Gorm plank set (2 planks)
4 large l-brackets
8 small l-brackets
6 horizontal metal coupling plates
many many wood screws
Spray Paint of various colours, and primer/finisher
home-made stencils!

2.) Cut 1 Gorm shelf in half

DSCN1467 781155

3.) Attach each half to another gorm shelf using metal couplers and wood screws to make two 45 inch floorboards.

DSCN1470 783227

4.) Cut and attach Gorm planks to sides of one floor board using 8 metal l-brackets and wood screws.

DSCN1468 782239

5.) Spray paint primer and color for bottom board and top board (with stencils)

DSCN1475 784572

6.) Attach velcro to bottom board.

7.) Rock out!

~ Ray Mendoza, California, US

Jules Yap