More desk space for less money

Materials: Gorm post, Lack table, Ekby Laiva shelf

Description: I needed more space for my desk, which was just a table top with trestles, so not very helpful to put stuff in there.

After some sightseeing on the Ikea website I came with two ideas. The first was made from two Lack tables to make something which can fit my hi-fi amplifier and sound mixer. The second one is a small shelf for my computer made from two Ekby Laiva shelves and a pack of two Gorm posts.

To make the computer shelf, you will need a pack of two Gorm posts of 174cm (2,50 EUR) and two Ekby Laiva shelves (59x24cm, 2 EUR each). Cut the Gorm posts at a length of 70cm, and you will have four posts of 70cm each and 2 pieces of 34cm each. Cut those two pieces at a length of 24cm. Then just assemble the whole with screws :

– screw the 24cm piece of Gorm between two 70cm Gorm posts, it will be the top of the shelf
– do the same for the other piece and 2 other posts
– screw the Ekby Laiva shelves at whatever height you wish

You may need to paint in black one side of the Ekby Laiva shelves if it’s gonna be visible.

To make the desk rack, buy two Lack tables (4,95 EUR each). Cut 4 posts like this :

– 15cm from the bottom
– 5cm from the top

Take one Lack top from the side which is not painted and drill two holes through the top, each one should be just one or two centimeters from the existing hole.

Screw the 15cm posts to this top. You will need screws of at least 7cm.

Assemble the four “normal” Lack posts to this Lack top, just like assembling a normal Lack table.

Take the second top and drill holes like for the first one (only one hole will be okay this time, you don’t need to drill two). Then screw the second top to the bottom of the frankenstein-thing you just assembled before.

Now assemble the four 5cm posts to the bottom of the second top just like a normal Lack table.

There you have it. It’s cheap, functional and pretty solid, and it will work with all desk tops from Ikea.

~ bohwaz, Dijon, France

Jules Yap