Materials: IKEA PS Cabinet (without wheels), PC parts and wires.

Description: This is maybe more a proof of concept than a full blown, elegant hack.

We have a Home Theatre PC, used for recording tv shows, watching movies, storing our music, photos and so on. After we became parents, I had to find a way to keep my son’s curious little hands away from the delicate hardware.

I was unable to find a cabinet that both looked good and could accommodate the rather large computer, so after a while I thought of simply taking the parts out of the computer case and reassembling them inside a PS cabinet we had standing around.

There is plenty of space for the parts and wiring inside the PS, and there is already a hole in the bottom for running power/antenna/network/HDMI/USB cables back and forth. The vents are perfect for 140mm fans.

The PS is pretty much made for this, and the operation is pretty straight forward, if you know your way around the inside of a computer.

If I had to do it over today, I would cut a hole in either the rear or the bottom of the PS cabinet, and move one of the fans there as an intake to increase air flow. I drilled screw holes for the two fans, but you could probably super glue them on for a nicer finish.

~ Soren, Denmark