Q: Can I paint the IKEA PS cabinets?

ikea ps cabinet

How to paint IKEA PS cabinets to look like the FJÄLLBO.

We will move this summer and I plan on making the new place look a little more put together and “grown up” than our current flat.

Since I am still on maternity leave there is not much money left but we have perfectly usable furniture that just don’t match well. 

IKEA PS cabinet in red and white

For the dining area I’d like to paint two IKEA PS cabinets, one is white and one is red, in a matte black (or very dark anthracite) and fit them with wooden boards on top to match the look of the FJÄLLBO shelves / sideboard


Has anyone done that or a similar project before and can give me some hints on what to do, what to use, and if this is even possible? 




Hi Anna

Congrats on the move and the coming bundle of joy.

Absolutely! You can paint the IKEA PS Cabinets. Even IKEA has done it.

IKEA PS cabinets painted

Credit: Livet Hemma

All you need is spray paint. A paint and primer formulation like Rust-Oleum 2x Spray Paint is a good choice for projects like this.

You may also want to get a spray paint grip along with your spray cans. The grip provides better control and helps reduce finger fatigue as you spray large surfaces.

Quick spray painting tips

Start by removing the hardware (lock) and wiping down the cabinet with a mild detergent. A clean surface will help the spray paint adhere better. Let the cabinets dry.

Then, grab your can of spray paint and hold it about 6-8 inches away from the surface you want to paint.

And spray in light strokes across the surface. Remember to start the spray before the surface and end it after to avoid blotches of paint.

Let the surfaces dry completely before the second coat. Read the instructions on the can for drying times. Then, spray the surfaces again. Be patient and always go light. You may need three coats or more for thorough coverage.

Yasmin has a tutorial for exactly what you want to achieve, except for the color.

how to paint IKEA PS cabinets

Credit: Sugar and Dinosaurs

IKEA PS Cabinet hacks

If you like to get more fancy, you can try some variations. Like Tricia’s PS Cabinet with an aged steel finish. This was inspired by the Restoration Hardware Vintage Industrial Steel Cabinet.

gun metal finish

Or give them wooden doors instead of a wood top? See the hack here.

IKEA PS cabinets wood doors

And lastly, how about stacking them up?

double IKEA PS cabinets

With a few coats of paint, the IKEA PS Cabinets should look great next to the FJÄLLBO units. Let us know how it goes.

Happy painting,


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