Benno dvd tower headboard and room divider

Materials: Two Benno DVD, mother-in-law tongue plants

Description: Just wanted to submit a hack I did recently. I’ve been looking for a good headboard that divides my room a bit (bed is not against wall) and I needed something sturdy to hold a pillow so I could read sitting up and that would look good from both front and back (most normal headboards don’t).

I was walking by a big office building in downtown LA when I saw a long, narrow planter filled with mother-in-law tongue plants. I’ve also been trying to get those plants into my bedroom because they produce oxygen at night ( – good TED video about three helpful plants for growing your own oxygen). Then it dawned on me that I just needed a very narrow 80″ long planter as a headboard. I looked all over until I found something perfect: two Benno DVD towers that I built, leaving the backing out of one of them, laying them horizontally on a cabinet that’s flush with the top of my bed and attaching them together with a few screw plates.

Then I bought about 10-6″ round terra cotta pots with saucers and replanted the plants in those from what I bought at home depot and the local nursery.

Voila! I’m totally psyched and it was MUCH cheaper than some of the big outdoor planters I was looking at to do the same thing. There is a slight notch on the right/bottom of each unit, but that can be masked any number ways: black tape, cutting the excess off or just leaving it alone – as in my case, it’s not very noticable.

Thanks for reading and keeping up the awesome site!

~ Jake Levine