Dress up station

Lack Shelf & Fabler Bard Curtain

I googled and googled dress up stations for my 2 little girls but couldn’t find anything that was even remotely affordable. So I came up with a plan to do an IKEA hack.

Super simple.

I bought one IKEA Lack shelf and we then turned it upside down. We mounted a simple curtain rod to the bottom of it. Then we mounted a 2 x 4 on the wall for extra support. We placed the lack shelf on top of the 2 x 4 and mounted it to the wall.

The next part was the way I did it but it can be done several ways. I added a 2nd small curtain rod from Home Depot, the kind that can easily be taken on and off. I then chopped up the fabler bard curtain from IKEA. I sewed up part of it to hang from the curtain rod and the other parts of it, I staple gunned to the outside to cover up the sides. I then used the tie backs to make it look more like a theatre/closet dress up station.

A little touch of some decorations, fabler mirror, minnen storage toy box, and some fabler wall hooks and voila…instant dress up area. I think the whole hack came in less than a $100. That includes some extra fabric for window treatments and a princess tent!

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~ Jodi R.