Make an open shelf TV stand with unusual IKEA items

large tv stand with turntable

When I moved into my new home and got all of my expensive audio and video equipment, I looked for a media stand that could hold everything and not cost another fortune to buy. I looked at all of the usual online shops, including IKEA, but couldn’t find anything close to matching my requirements. So I IKEA hacked it!

My requirements:

1) Must hold 65″ flat-screen TV (I’m in a rented space so I didn’t want to mount on wall)
2) TV, center channel speaker, receiver must all be center aligned
3) Drawer or cabinet with a door to hide electronics
4) Must hold turntable and records
5) Must have space for Bluray player and other components
6) Another nice to have is a spot for remotes, manuals, accessories, etc.

IKEA Parts:

1) 2 BESTÅ top panel $65/ea (70 7/8″ x 16 1/2″)
2) 1 BESTÅ top panel $55 (47 1/4″ x 16 1/2″)
3) 1 EKET cabinet $20 (13 3/4″ cube)
4) 2 EKET cabinet with door $30/ea (13 3/4″ cube)
5) 2 boxes of EKET legs $20/ea (4 in a box but only used 6)

IKEA open shelf TV stand with room for turntable and components

Putting together the open shelf TV stand

Support for top panel consists of aluminum pipe (26mm diameter) and same sized, stainless steel pipe flanges ($30) I purchased online (a hardware store may have these as well).

I originally had only 4 (one in each corner) but the weight of the TV caused the top panel to bow so I added two more behind the speaker.

Cutting the pipe was probably the most difficult part of this project. I have a chop saw with a metal cutting blade which worked okay. The aluminum was a little scuffed and dull so I used some sandpaper and metal polish to shine them up a bit.

I used 1 1/4″ cabinet screws and contact cement to attach the EKETs to the panels. The contact cement was probably overkill as the screws seem to hold well enough. On the back, I used the four pre-drilled holes to screw into the panels. For the front, I drilled and screwed from the bottoms of the bottom panel and into the EKETs, as shown in the pic.

IKEA open shelf TV stand with room for turntable and components
Adding the middle shelf

I needed a shelf for the receiver but you may be able to stack your components. Holes for shelf pins were drilled in the middle and right EKET cubes. I used a shelf pin jig. You may be able to do this without it but a jig makes it easier. You’ll need matching diameter shelf pins. The glass shelf is 1/4″ tempered glass from an online custom glass shop. You’ll want to measure it twice and find a local or online shop to provide dimensions to.

I drilled holes into the back of the right-most EKET to route cables through. The middle EKET holds manuals and other accessories.

The EKETs are hollow. So when you drill for the shelf pins or screwing into them, do so within an 1″ of the edges.

The top panel supports could be changed for something else if you can’t find the flanges and pipe. I considered natural gas pipe and flanges but I would have had to clean and paint them and I didn’t want to do that.

The cubes are 13 3/4″ and the panels are 16 1/2″ deep. I chose to inset them from the front and sides about 1/2″ but you can do flush. There’s still plenty of room behind them to run cables.

Additional touches:

Grommets for cables, raceways for hiding wires, cooling fan for electronics, lighting.

I really like the fact that it holds everything and doesn’t look cluttered. The hidden electronics and wires is what I love most.

That’s my IKEA hack! It was about $500 total. Good luck!

~ by Kevin

Make a modern TV stand that works as a space separator too

Andrew Vickerman was wondering how on earth could he put a small TV stand in his new living room when he stumbled across IKEA hacking. He couldn’t resist creating his own modern TV stand with affordable items from the Swedish Furniture store.

He says, “The following pic show the original design of the low TV unit. A back ‘wall’ had to be added later on while shopping, as the back part of the LACK shelves are not as flat as I thought.”

the plan

His idea is to use two small square LACK side tables and a LACK shelf. Table legs are positioned horizontally, resulting in 4 levels for visual depth. The short green backing wall also forms a space separator to divide the two spaces within the living area. The LACK side tables and shelving unit create layered racks of open shelves that function as storage as well as decoration.

Andrew adds, “The point of this (sculptural TV stand) is to separate the (small) interior to two parts: the one with the sofa, carpet and TV, and the one without carpet, which serves as “corridor” to the kitchen, entrance and dining room. It’s a very small apartment (around 50 sqm) divided in living, dining, bedroom, kitchen, full bathroom and toilet cabinet, so you can imagine the size of the spaces.”

For that purpose, it checks out.

Assembling the TV unit and room divider

The parts are glued together with wood glue, not the strongest option and makes the table is a bit fragile. I would have preferred if he used a few screws and nails to keep the shelves in place.

And finally, he has his simple tv stand. He placed his small TV on the stacked table tops, while the ledge provides more than enough room for a game console, DVD player and the media devices. Andrew says setting the TV that low is no issue for him and cuts out eye strain from staring at a TV box set too high.

open shelf tv stand with IKEA LACK side table and shelving unit
open shelf tv stand with IKEA LACK side table and shelving unit

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