ENJE makeover

Materials: ENJE roller blind, fabric, waterproof pva, metal ruler, scissors

Description: I wanted a really striking blind for my newly finished bathroom, but couldn’t afford a custom one.

I started with a basic white ENJE roller blind, which luckily was exactly the width of the window (no trimming!), and some of my favourite fabric I had been hoarding for a special project.

I then stuck my lovely fabric to the blind with waterproof PVA glue, in about 20cm sections, using a metal metre rule as a smoothing tool.

All I needed to do then was trim the excess fabric from the edges of the ENJE, let it dry for about an hour, and hang it!

It looks even better than I had imagined!

You can see the full process of my custom blind here.

~ rachel lc, belfast, N.Ireland