Hack of a Lack holding Cat

Materials: Lack wall shelf

Description: We wanted to put up something that our cats could use to climb on and that didn’t take up any valuable horizontal real estate. Saw a pet store in our neighborhood using shelves as climbing walls for cats and looked online only to find that this is not so uncommon a practice and discovered this fab site along the way. Here is our version of a cat hack using Lack.

We got four Lack wall shelves (the smallest width available) and used double sided tape to stick some non-slip kitchen liner to the top so it wouldn’t be slippery for our kitties. Then we used plastic anchors to secure a bracket to the middle of the Lack shelf for additional support. And finally some plastic toggle bolts on the ends to hang the shelf and secure the bracket to the wall. We used a non Ikea shelf for the one above the door because it seemed to be a better fit.

Scotty seems to like it…

~ Grace, Philadelphia