STIKZ Room Divider

Materials: 2×4 Expedit, SMYCKA (bundle of sticks)

Description: I needed a room divider for my studio apartment; the piece that I created served to set off my “living room” from my “boudoir”.

I purchased a black/brown EXPEDIT and the SMYCKA decorative bundle of sticks from IKEA and four pieces of thin wood. I painted these black and set them on the floor roughly the width from the top to the shelf of the EXPEDIT. I then took apart the bundled SMYCKA and glued the individual SMYCKAs into a tightly packed SMYCKA fence or curtain. Then I glued two more painted pieces of wood to the SMYCKA curtain; this was then screwed into the EXPEDIT.

Huzzah! I had to donate this piece to the friend that helped me prior to my move to the East Coast, but I hope to make another one someday.

~ Erin K., Charlottesville, VA

Jules Yap