Seeing the Skimra in a New Light

Materials: Skimra, Smycka, Torka, Florera and packaging tape

Description: I turned the Skimra lamp shade into a vase. Take the Skimra lamp shade upside down. Remove the plastic cap on the metal frame. Start taping inside the lamp edge to edge securing it to the metal ring in the middle. Make sure there are not gaps. Once the whole inside is secured, cut out the tape from inside the metal ring and trim the edges clean.

Insert your Smycka and Torka in the metal ring, use tape or packaging to make sure there are no gaps between the leaves and the metal ring or your rocks will fall through. Scatter the Florera rocks and put in place.

If this goes in a high traffic area you might want to attach some sort of weight inside on the bottom, since its a bit top heavy. Mine is fine without doing this though. TA DA

~ Julia, Toronto