UDDEN hacked as His and Hers shoe rack

Materials: 2 UDDEN Kichen Cabinets, drill, toggle bolts

Description: In my rental unit I had a nice entry but no coat closet to hide my shoes in. The standard skinny shoe racks never appealed to my eyes from the design perspective. They screamed “shoes”. And I decided to create my own shoe something. From the onset, I knew that this would have to reflect our style through the rest of the apartment which is ethnic contemporary. It would not only hold our shoes but also daily mail, and some of the artifacts.

I used a UDDEN Kitchen Cabinet and mounted it on the wall with an offset now creating a nice table top to showcase the artifacts on one and got a beautiful box to hide the mail away on the second. And thats our His and Hers shoe rack. My total cost was $70, atleast $30 less than the not so good looking skinny shoes racks that hold the same number of shoes. If needed one could also get extra shelves from Ikea AsIs Department and add a second shelf to fir more shoes. I used shoes boxes so one pair was in the Shoe box and another on top of it and this fitted approximately 16 pairs of shoes in one cabinet.

~ Ekta Naik