UDDEN remix


Description: This is my UDDEN kitchen, take 2. IKEAHackers published the original version in 2008 under the title “Fitted dishwasher for the UDDEN“. We moved to a new apartment in 2011 and took our kitchen and 24” appliances with us.

The most evident configuration changes are the island and the integration of the Miele cooktop and oven into the same console. The frame of the half-width console I was using for the cooktop got hacked again to give the AKURUM 15″-wide high-cabinet the same off-the-floor/on legs look.

One of my wall cabinets now hosts a 24″ Ventahood. For the island I had to find a way to dress the side and backside of the dishwasher and sink console. For the back I ended up using the same paneling system I created for the STOLMEN posts (another hack I long meant to let you know about). The orange counter for our Summit refrigerator/freezer pair I made with VIKA FURUSKOG table tops I could no longer fit into the new apartment.

~ Jerome Do, Montreal, Quebec, Canada