KVARTA clock art

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KVARTA%2BHack%2B01 721249

Materials: KVARTA clock, scrapbooking paper, scissors, pencil

Description: I just painted the walls of my bedroom a Tiffany’s blue, and I wanted some art for my naked — and now bright blue — walls. So I ventured off to IKEA and found the KVARTA clock.

The clock is surprisingly simple to take apart. If you press the two tabs in the back of the clock, and the plastic face comes off. The minute and hour hands snap off. The white background is glued to the back of the clock, but you can easily rip it off and remove the adhesive that remains.

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KVARTA%2BHack%2B04 725479

I traced the outline of the original background on some scrapbooking paper and cut it out. Instead of scrapbooking paper, you could always use wallpaper, wrapping paper, or a photo instead. Once you reassemble the clock, you can hammer a nail in the wall, hang it, and enjoy your very own clock art!

~ Abby, Columbus, Ohio

Jules Yap