Tick Tock Halloween Clock

Materials: Kvarta clock, Scrapbook Paper, Double-Sided Tape, Compass, Scissors

Description: Tick Tock Halloween Clock

Do you have an old clock sitting around that’s just screaming for a fix-me-up??? Then keep on reading for an redo that’ll take you less than half an hour to put together!

You’ll Need:

Kvarta clock
Scrapbook Paper
Double-Sided Tape

The first thing you need to do is take apart your clock. Mine was easy to do…..unscrewed 4 screws on the back, and then the whole thing came apart in a snap.

Now that you’ve got your clock torn apart, remove the clock hands and set them aside. It’s not necessary to do anything with the clock face, since you’ll be covering it up.

Next you need to decide what scrapbook paper you want to use for your clock face. Just lay a sheet down on your craft table, place the clock front on top of it, and keep doing that with different sheets of scrapbook paper until you find one that calls to you. I’ve shown you a couple of extra examples that I will do in the future.

Take your compass and put the sharp point at your clock face’s center, and adjust it till the lead end is at the edge of the clock face.

Place your compass on the backside of your scrapbook paper, making sure it’s basically over the area that you want for your clock face. Then whip it around, and now you’ve got your circle.

Cut out your circle. Then cut out a small hole in the center of your circle to accept the stem of the clockworks.

Add a few pieces of double-sided tape to the backside of your circle.

Carefully place the circle onto the clock face, making sure to line up the pattern with the hanging device (only if your scrapbook paper has a particular pattern). Press to adhere.

Add your clock hands.

Put the clock back together, and now you’re ready to start telling the spooktacular time!

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~ Anne, Texas