LACK on LACK (TV bench)

Materials: Second LACK TV bench, drill, wood glue, sandpaper

Description: My original LACK was too low, especially after I wanted to place a new subwoofer next to my LACK with the TV on it. (SW and TV edge colliding)

Aim was to place a second identical LACK on top of the first one.

I did not want the middle horizontal to be too big so I did not use the bottom of the the second LACK.

Additionally I did not want to spent a lot of time and effort, so I decided to use wood glue (and therefore also sandpaper) and two wooden plugs per side that came with the LACK to fix the second LACK on top of the first one.

Pictures should explain the rest, a very simple hack, but sufficient for me.
I now also have more space available for electronic stuff 🙂

~ aemsidi, GER