MOM! We need another ANEBODA! The bathroom cabinet is completely full again!

Materials: ANEBODA wardrobe (3x)

Description: Hej,
by moving into our new a apartment we got a problem in the bathroom.

We needed some space to store all the things you use in such a room (like towels, etc.) Unfortunately just one side provided enough space to built up a bathroom cabinet and this side was limited by the wall covering for the wash basin and an electric outlet. First we just had to 2 ANEBODA wardrobes – but they didn’t offer enough space for all the stuff we have.

So we bought a third ANEBODA wardrobe and cut the shelves and the frame and put them together again so that we got a smaller ANEBODA without the front door. Now it fits in the middle of the other two wardrobes. On the inside the wardrobes are connected with each other so that there should be no gaps (unluckily our apartment is not flat so that there are gaps).

~ Jessi, Germany

Jules Yap