Simple stylish vanity table

Materials: Stave Mirror, Vika Furuskog table top + legs, Folded Chair

Description: This is actually more to mix and match Ikea items to build the vanity table for my dear wife. She wanted something like the one used by many makeup artist backstage and constructed at most make up stores but somehow has some kind of English style to it.. She likes it in white and looks very simple.We already owned a working table ( VIKA FURUSKOG table top + two legs) and it is simply just attached to the wall. I didn’t do anything to it, just left it as it was coz the original pine texture and colour just matched the white frame.

I custom made the frame for the mirror (STAVE mirror) and for placing the light bulbs all around it and painted it white. Since Ikea bulbs are quite expensive, I just used bulbs sold at local hardware stores and managed to do the wiring myself. The frame is attached separately to the wall but just above the table and to complete the set, I just use a simple folding chairs also bought from IKEA for easy storage.

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~ Suffian Hussain, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia