Undersink Rubbish bin-like hanger thingy

Materials: EKBY BJÄRNUM shelf brackets, VÄRDE knobs x4

Description: This is a pretty simple hack that I did so I could hang shopping bags to use for rubbish under my kitchen sink. The brackets were mounted onto the inside of the cabinet door upside down. This is important because there are two threaded holes on each bracket that are designed to hold the shelf tight. These holes are used for the four knobs that stick out of the top and hold the bag in place. When the knobs are in place (they should fit the threads) place a shopping bag on it and voilà! a place for your rubbish without taking up space or getting lost inside the cabinet.

(As you can see from the extra holes in the cabinet door, I had to experiment to get the distance correct.) Of course on the opposite cabinet door I have the RATIONELL VARIERA Plastic bag dispenser. So easy.

~ Xan Cassiel, Minneapolis, MN