Varde sink cabinet becomes breakfast bar

Varde breakfast bar

Materials: Varde Sink Cabinet, Vika Amon countertop

Description: I wanted to build a breakfast bar that also had storage inside it instead of just being hollow. We had a useless wall between our kitchen and family room that I decided would make a good spot for the bar. I took that wall down completely to start from scratch.

For reference, the dimensions of the bar were to match the dimensions of the Varde sink cabinet – 52″ long, 23.5″ wide. First, I framed out the base for the bar using 2×4′ and other lumber. The very bottom layer is 2×4′ nailed into the joists in the basement.

Next, immediately above those I placed 12″ tall, 1″ wide wood pieces for the outside frame. I used metal L-brackets, nails, screws, and wood glue to make sure this frame was very sturdy.

Third, I completely cut the legs off from the Varde sink cabinet because I wanted it to have a solid foundation instead of just four small legs holding it. I then installed the Varde cabinet on top of the 14″ frame I had built, again secured with wood glue, nails, and screws.

Varde breakfast bar

Varde breakfast bar

Fourth, I covered the three sides in quarter-inch thick oak panels with a cut-out for the cabinet doors. I did this for a few reasons. First, the Ikea wood pieces are not real wood and would not take a stain. Second, I wanted the bar to look uniform from every angle and the Ikea cabinet was not like that – it is angular as you might see in the pictures.

Fifth, I installed a cheap Ikea countertop called Vika Amon. It came with screw holes already so it was very easy to install. Note: I would have greatly preferred to use the Vika Byske table top with the rounded corner to make it look more like a breakfast bar, but my local Ikea said that was a closeout item, they had none in stock, and would not be getting any more.

Sixth, I stained the three sides with a dark oil-based stain and polyurethane. Finally, I added white trim pieces to the bottom so that it matches the trim in the rest of the room.

Total cost: $35 for table top, $169 for sink cabinet, approximately $100 for lumber/nails/stain/polyurethane/trim.

Not pictured: The sink cabinet does not come with a middle shelf – it is just one big space inside. I bought a 10″ white shelf and installed it to give the cabinet inside two levels.

~ Brian, Delaware

Jules Yap