Easy DIY litter box cover for a pretty kitty potty

These DIY projects are one of the easiest way to cover up a litter box. It doesn’t cost a lot (like a lot of commercial cat furniture) and can be tailored to fit your home decor, all very easily.

The 2 IKEA hacks are similar, but provides a different finish.

One using bamboo and the other fabric. You can replace the screen with your choice of materials — wood slats, plastic, cane webbing. Whichever you think your cat will not rip to shreds.

1. DIY Fabric litter box cover with IKEA side tables

I followed the Instructions of the Original “Pretty Kitty Potty” but added my own twist. Instead of screens I used some IKEA fabric (SOFIA) and attached it with tacks.

DIY litter box cover with IKEA LACK tables and fabric


IKEA LACK side table x 2
SOFIA Fabric



How I hacked a fabric litter box cover:

I measured the space for the opening with a 1/2″ margin for the tacks. Cut cardboard pieces to size. Lay the cardboard pieces on the fabric and cut it slightly wider so you can wrap the fabric around the cardboard.

Wrap the fabric onto cardboard and fasten with hot glue. Then use tacks to pin the fabric boards to the legs of the LACK side table.

I also added a “door”. My kitties like dark spaces as you can see in the image. Look out for “Headlight-Kitty”. 🙂 For the entrance, I cut a round hole in the cardboard. (Use a bowl as a guide.) Cut vertical ridges into the fabric around the hole and wrap the hole.

Like Fraser, I placed the litter box in the farther end and the doormat immediately after the arch entrance.

I would have attached pictures from inside the tunnel but my cat jumped right on top of it and is now asleep there since 3 hours.

Thanks for the inspiration, Fraser.

~ by Daniel Stevens, Germany


I was looking for a way to provide kitty potty privacy and also take away from the “look, this is where my cat poops” decor of the living room of our condo.

So, I took two LACK side tables, and one roll of ANNO STRA window screens, as well as some sticky backed Velcro and made a litter box cover.

DIY litter box cover with IKEA LACK side tables and bamboo screens


IKEA LACK side tables
ANNO STRA screens (The ANNO STRA is discontinued. For similar effect, try IKEA Panel Curtains like the BANTISTEL or cane webbing)

Step by step DIY litter box cover guide

1, Assemble the LACK tables.

2. Measure the screens to fit between two legs of the table and adhere with sticky Velcro. I used Velcro in case there was damage to the screens and I can remove them and change them out. (Who knows what kitties will like to scratch!)

3. Repeat to cover 3 or 4 frames, creating a tunnel beneath the tables for for the kitty litter box and the mat to wipes their paws.

tunnel for cat to walk towards litter box

Easy as that!

The cats, I believe, appreciate the privacy and it creates a new surface for coffee table books, our Aerogarden, or couch throw blankets.

Living room with DIY litter box cover to hide kitty potty

If your litter box doesn’t fit I thought about adding casters also to make it easier to pull in/out to clean the litter.


~ by Fraser, Bethesda, MD

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