Lack Table Top Recovery

Materials: Lack Table, Mod Podge, gel stripper, putty knife, wood filler, 2.5 yards of fabric, foam brushes, sand papermetal container/can, scissors, gorilla glue, utility knife

Description: After sanding the top lightly, I stripped the finish off of the table and filled the hole with wood filler. After painting it and deciding it was ugly, I decided to go find some fabric to mod podge on to it. I bought 60″ x 2.5 yards, which was just barely enough to cover the table.

After mod podging ever so slowly, I folded the edges underneath and cut holes out where the legs screw in. One of the legs was broken slightly, and so I added gorilla glue to tighten the leg. I trimmed the fabric and let the material dry (which became more oil cloth like overall) Oh and for the last picture, I did put the shelf on the bottom of the table after everything had dried.

See more of the Lack table top recovery.

~ Shanna Durrant, Bountiful, UT, USA