Framed Ikea magnetic Spontan board make over

Materials: Spontan Magnetic Board, Molding, Fabric, Stencil, Paint

Description: Knowing my quick boredom with decor, I usually try to pre-plan how easy it would be to switch things up when creating most of my projects; it’s one of the perks of DIY creations.

I originally posted this Ikea memo board make over back in February; just a little update to a pre-purchased piece. Keeping true to my ‘it’s been six months and I need a change’ quirk, I easily revamp the piece yet once again. With the addition of new fabric and a little paint, I have a quick and easy updated look {that I am hoping I will like a little longer this time}.

I started with this plain Spontan magnetic board I had bought a few years ago at Ikea. They still sell these today however the dimensions of the current version have changed. {Mine measures 17 3/4 by 25 1/2 and the new version is 14 1/2 by 30 3/4} Because the frame is handmade to fit the board the same instructions can be still be applied creating the same end result.

Recycled molding was used to cut and frame the magnetic board.

The Ikea board was then wrapped in fabric, stenciled and placed snugly into the frame.

A quick and easy update to add a bit of style to an otherwise plain functional piece.

See instructions of the magnetic board here.

~ Stephanie Lynn