Malma meets Venice

Materials: Malma mirror, mosaic tiles, tile nippers, glue, grout, husband to pour the wine

Description: We moved into a place with a hideous little bathroom. As a gift to myself, I decided to defy our rental agreement and paint. The bathroom had two colours of blue tile, and we had a pair of beautiful masks from Venice, so I decided to use our $2.99 pine Malma mirror to tie it all together.

I used a pencil to draw a couple of Venetian masks onto the pine, as well as four diagonal lines to outline where the two different colours of blue tile would go.

Hubby poured wine and chose DVDs while I curled up at the coffee table with my tile nippers; I sipped and nipped and glued for a couple of hours. The next day, I added grout. We painted the bathroom to match the mirror. Voila! Gorgeous! Hideous bathroom redeemed!

~ Mia Torr, Vancouver