Rasterbator wall mount collage

Materials: 1x Tacksam Curtain rod set, 1x Dignitet curtain ring with clip

Description: 1: – measure your wall, make your photo collage with rasterbator and laminate your prints (I laminated mines matte).

*Tip: place a little number on the back of the prints for ordering, you can lose track of the order and start assembling a jigsaw out of the prints.

2: – install Tacksam curtain rod on the wall with screws or like I did, with a good double stick tape.

3: – trace easily the middle of all the prints and make holes with a nail – in the upper and bottom part (don’t put holes at the bottom of the last raw of prints).

4: – install the Dignitet clips hanging from the curtain rod and clipping the first raw of prints, then hanging from the bottom of prints and clipping the next ones.

5: – assemble the rows of prints to the curtain rod and enjoy a nice collage and a prettier wall.

~ Bogdan Boiangiu, Bucharest

Jules Yap