Photo Wall Done Riktig

Materials: DIGNITET Curtain wire, DIGNITET Support/corner fixture + RIKTIG Curtain hook with clip

Description: Riktig is the Scandinavian word for right.

I wanted to create a photo wall that:
1) could be easily updated with new photos
2) wasn’t too expensive
3) wasn’t dependent on one business that might not be there in the future (I’m looking at you ixxi)

I used:
DIGNITET Curtain wire
DIGNITET Support/corner fixture
RIKTIG Curtain hook with clip
Big sheets of thick paper/cardboard
Glue (I used a liquid glue sponge thingie)
Cutting knife, ruler etc.

I believe this hack is pretty self-explanatory but some notes:
The hooks between the photos are made be combining two hooks.
The square photos are 20x20cm.
The black squares are 25.3×25.3cm.
The holes are 4mm in diameter and the centre of the holes are 1.2cm away from the sides/tops/bottoms of the black squares.
The distance between the black squares is 3.7cm.
Remember that distance when calculating the size of the 2:1, 3:1, supersized 1:1 or whatever shape you might want to create:)

I believe that’s about it. The lamp is also from ikea (FORSÅ). The images in the bottom are a bit off because I ran out of hooks – Ikea is only 10 min away so I’ll fix that soon. I don’t have the total costs for this project but the IKEA items are dirt cheap:)

~ Andreas Larsen, Copenhagen