The pink Malm, prettified.

Materials: Pink Malm, Spray paint primer, Interior Latex Olympic Paint in White Mood, Spray Paint in Seaside Green, Brushes, Stencil, Tape

Description: My daughter has had this dresser for a few years, and as she got older and her favorite color went from pink to green, I thought it was only fitting that the Malm followed suit.

I sprayed the whole thing with primer, twice. Rolled on three coats of the Olympic paint to the main part of the dresser. Taped off the side edges of the drawers so that I could spray paint the Seaside Green to the tops of them. Once they were dry, I lined the drawers up and started stenciling using a foam roller brush and the same Olympic color that I used on the dresser. Viola.

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~ Angela

Jules Yap