Torked-out Ribba Backlit frame

Materials: 2x Torka bundles, 1x Dioder LED strip set, 2x 50x50x4.5cm – Ribba Frames, Two sided tape, White paint or gesso, An electric drill with ½ inch drill bit

Description: Our apartment needed two things 1.) we needed more light and 2.) we had a large amount of wall space we needed to fill. After going through the Ikea marketplace I came up with a solution to solve both our problems with one project and in looks unique and cool in the process.

To begin, remove the glass, the matte, and the back panel and tape together both the inside frame and the outer frame together to keep them secure. Next, drill thirteen holes evenly spaced and centered on one side of the frame being sure to go through both the outer frame and the inside frame. On the opposite side from where you drilled the holes place two strips of two sided tape and secure two of the four dioder bars connected together with the small short wire links that come with the set. Next Paint or gesso the brown back panel white and let it dry before you reassemble the frame with the glass, the matte, the inner frame.

After you have put the frame back together start placing the Torka through the holes on the top side of the frame. [Note.) before you do this the Torka sticks can be quite long and may need to be cut to size depending on how and where you want to place them in your living space.]

After you are satisfied with your torka design and placement. Now repeat the same steps with the second frame and then plug them in and your are set!

~ Michael Ferster, Calgary, Alberta