After building Murphy bed I hacked the leftover 48 legs

Materials: Lack side tables and legs

Description: I built a Murphy bed using the Ikea Lack side tables on the front to make a very aesthetic and artistic wall piece.

The bed required 12 lack table tops, and after the project I was very inspired to make good use of the left over 48 table legs……which inspired several more hacks…..I sawed the legs to a short height and attached them to a black rectangular table top which also acted as a reinforcer to the murphy bed when it is down it lays on top of the flat zen like table.

Additionally, I bought two long wooden shelves to match the dining table I was using and created two side benches by attaching six hack side table legs under each shelf.

I also created a queen size bed platform for my tempurpedic using apporximately 20 of the left over legs and two interior standard sized doors with flat hinge reinforcers. The tempurpedic lays comfortably on top and I have amazing additional storage under neath.

~ Nicole Persley, Delray Beach, Florida