Cat walkway: How to make space for your furkids

We made a simple cat walkway out of LACK tables.

The view is meowellous from up here!

IKEA LACK tables are strong enough to support cats, even if they are mounted upside down. So to give our cats more room in our house, we mounted tables hanging from the ceiling.


Want a Cat Walkway on the Ceiling? Here’s how

Firstly, I assembled the tables as intended in the IKEA instructions.

Lack side table assembly

Then, I screwed angle brackets on the legs of the table with at least two screws per leg. The bracket and the base of the feet should be flush so it can sit properly on the ceiling.

fastening bracket to legs

The angle brackets I used were far larger than necessary, but I had them lying around.

Repeat this step for as many LACK tables as you need for your cat walkway.

Since our ceiling is made of concrete, I had no problems mounting the angle brackets to it with plastic wall plugs and screws.

In our case, one plastic fixing per leg was more than sufficient to secure the table to the ceiling.

Metal braces

For get additional security, I connected adjacent tables with metal bars that I screwed to the upper (so now lower) part of the legs to distribute the load over more fixings.

After that, it was a matter of making it comfortable for my cats. We added cushions and pillows. Also some vinyl stickers on the LACK table tops to decorate them.

Cat walkway IKEA LACK hack
Cat walkway IKEA LACK hack

To get to the cat walkway, we have a set of cat steps on the wall for them.

The cats seem to love the extra elevated space they have to roam and watch us humans from up there.

~ by Tanja

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