Bookend for Värde Shelf

Materials: Värde, Komplement clothes rail

Do you wake up from books dropping from your Värde , too?

I solved the problem by adding a 10 mm (rundholz – what’s the english word?) to both ends of the shelf.

Buy 3 meter of these per shelf. Then drill 10,5 mm (at least) through all of the boards. If the holes are to narrow, it will take forever to get the log through…
I drilled the center of the hole 15 mm from the side, and 40 mm from the front.

The other mod? The clothes rail?
Ehm… was a little bit more complicated.
Use your imagination.
It was made from an Ikea clothes rail (Komplement?). But I cannot find it in the online shop any more.

~ JPT, Germany

Jules Yap